We, the rats, despite our patient perusal of the many thousand tired tomes stored here in our holds, must consider ourselves to remain ignorant, unlearned, illiterate. Words abound that confuse and confound us in our attempts to understand, to decipher, to make sense out of the tangled lexicon upon which rests this vast library. Prominent in our perplexity are the concepts of the parallel, the mirror image, the synonym. Your Orwell warns us not to shrivel our language to the stark and simplistic, leaving a dessicate, dangerous, and easily corruptable tongue that can only lick the lips of those who listen to it. Yet perhaps the opposite has passed, and we speak a language so fluid that it is difficult to contain long enough to drink and digest.

And so we ask our first questions:

How does a DESPOT differ from a DICTATOR?

and other tyrannical inquiries

Next up:

a LUMMOX vs an OAF



Don't look at me for ideas!  I just work here...er...I mean skulk around in filth, stealing food and spreading  disease....um...go submit something already.

Suggest a synonymous pair:


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