One thoroughly dead, dried, and neatly stacked pile o' pirate Reviews

It's a rat.  Or perhaps a small overweight ferret of some sort. Below Decks

Squawk? Crew Quarters


Below Decks

Get all confused about diction, grammar, nuance, inference, etymology, slang, synonyms, and syntax...with a bunch of rats and a monkey.



Descriptions of this ship's preferred ports of call. Links to general literary resources, online reference, book stores, literary criticism, and sites with full text copies of famous literature.


The Crew Quarters Forum

Mingle with the various crew and visitors to the Word Pirate's ship. Come in and poke fun at improper punctuation. . .or taunt self-righteous grammar mavens. No registration required to post.


Summaries of the famous and infamous literature surrounding the canon, with occasional commentary from the crew. Includes brief assessments of the text's readability, pacing, major characters, narrative structure, setting, as well as a general description of the work.

Artwork associated with the selection is often included.

The Crow's Nest

Scanning the horizon for recent trends and developments within the English language and literary world. Includes various links to Words of the Day, annual literary award winners, large-scale literary events, and other timely items.

Welcome to the Word Pirate!

The Crow's Nest



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